Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A New Resolve

Well, its been a while but I resolve to be more active here... wish me luck!


I really want to pursue my career as a life coach and inspirational speaker. Yes, my life ain't perfect there are ups downs and everything in between but in the end, I am happy with my life and want to share with everyone the happiness found deep within.

I hope we can embark on a journey to become better people and better Christians worthy to live this life


Let's all keep positive

Saturday, February 27, 2016

An Early Lenten Recollection

This year, Lenten comes in early, so my church in preparation, scheduled a Lenten Recollection, a month before Lent, since Lent is a busy time, it was set early so that we will have time or else, it would have been pushed aside and not done at all. We held it somewhere near since no one really wanted to travel far and so, it was an easy and short ride though there was some traffic, it wasn't as bad as we thought and I'd like to think we arrived at the perfect time.  As everything else, nothing is perfect, so the group wasn't complete with some members opting not to go to the overnight function, to each his own I should guess. But I did have a great time although I barely got any sleep at all.

I learned a lot, although there are still a lot of things to take into consideration, I had some realizations and thoughts to ponder, so to speak, within me. Things I take into myself and to be dwelt upon at the proper time.

I don't want to dwell on the nitty-gritty of the event, it is best left unsaid, to be savored by those who attended but I just wanted to share perhaps one thing.... a simple fact we often neglect, OBEDIENCE is not something we should compromise. Sin came about because man was disobedient and easily swayed by temptation, but if we hold steadfast to our obedience, then no temptation can grab a hold of even the tips of our fingers because we chose to obey. Obedience is a choice, we can either choose to obey what is right, or choose to obey our carnal desires. it is really as simple as that.

Just like positivity, we can always choose to see that bad of things rather than the good because everything has its up and downside and it is our choice whether we choose to look at the downside or choose to always look up... I remember a quote I had heard when I was younger, I don't know who said it, but it stuck in my mind, "Always look towards the sun, so the shadow falls behind" I am struck by the profoundness of such a statement, it means always looking up - towards the sun and seeing the brightness of the day rather than dwelling in the shadows and wilting away...

The post has been quite long so I'll rest my fingers now... Hoping to catch a glimpse of you sooner rather than later, and a hope that we'll catch up real again soon...


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Manifesting Wealth

I just came across a new product that might be of help to most who wants law of attraction to help them in their lives and I am currently asking for a copy of the course, which I hope I can get soon. I will update you on the effectivity of the course once I get a hold of it or when I get the money, perhaps I will enroll myself here as well.


I believe in the Law of Attraction and I know that somehow it works for my life but not totally so I'm still looking for a way for me to make it work for me all the time and when I get there, I will surely share it with you guys here.

In the mean time you might want to check out what I have been talking about in this post, just click the picture below and it will take you to the products website. You can also choose to click the photo on the sidebar of this page, either way, it will take you to the same page... Good luck



Sunday, March 30, 2014

Positive Money Mindset

Do we have a limiting belief that hinders our success?  Do we realize that sometimes we have difficulty in our lives because of this limiting belief? Do you feel like success is always just within your reach and never ever had a chance to go further, that we are stuck? We might be realize that this is because of the limiting beliefs we developed as we were growing up.  Perhaps our parents always argued about money or success that deep inside us, we harbored this belief that success and money is not so good.

It is indeed hard to think that we can be hindered by our very own minds... It is not easy to grasp this knowledge but when we think about it, subconsciously we sabotage our own success because of limiting beliefs that we have developed throughout our lives that does this.  We may not be aware that this indeed is happening but we can soon discover that indeed we have been limiting ourselves due to experiences we had in the past regarding money, relationships and even success.

In the next posts, I will help you discover your limiting beliefs and help overcome them so that we can finally achieve success and financial freedom that we have all been waiting for. I will share with you my own experience and perhaps you too will come to realize that indeed we have been limiting ourselves for success.

So travel with me and together let us take this journey towards success and finally realize the fruition of all our hard work.

stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Temper, temper

Sometimes my temper gets the better of me... so I resolve to change it from this day forward...

my affirmation..
I am patient, I am patient, I am patient
I understand that not everything is under my control, I understand that there are things I cannot change.

I claim my patience now...

I am calm, level headed and patient.
I am calm, level headed and patient.

I have everything I need and everything I want.

God is good all the time and He is my provider and He has provided me with a patient and loving heart to understand everything and everyone around me. Thank you Lord =)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I am happy, I am gorgeous, I'm perfect!!!
BELIEVE! Something good is about to happen.
I feel the change coming...I feel it in my bones...
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

When Depression Takes Over

I admit it, once or twice I would succumb to the lure of just letting it all go and crying my eyeballs out or just shouting out to the world to release all stresses and even entertaining the notion of ending my own life, but those are just moments of weaknesses, moments when everything just seems to toll so heavily on me and I find myself succumbing to the weakness simply because there is no other way to release the stress lest I do want it to boil down to me just finally ending it all...

I will say that it is but human to cry, get frustrated and all those but what is important that I have learned to jump back in the water after I have released all the pent up energy I keep just below the water so to speak, I am not arrogant enough to say that I can carry it all, no, I can't and I am weak and I give in, if I will only rely on myself, I am slowly learning to lean on a higher being, learning to take stock of everything and just begin to rely more on God and the truth that He wants to take care of me and prosper me and everything they have been telling... I know God is there... is here and is willing to help me get through all my troubles....