Saturday, January 12, 2013

Focusing on the Positive

Yes, indeed it is not easy to focus on the positive when everyone else seems to be set on thinking the negative. 

I have decided to stop watching the news cause watching them seems to be so depressing when you see children abandoned, people killing each other for no apparent reason, people who are sick and the world just becoming so darned dark... 

Positivity is not such an easy feat to accomplish when people around you seems to not see the beauty of the world, even when they profess to believe that God is there to help out or that God is there to ensure that we are kept safe and that we can always trust God to get us through whatever tough times.

Yes, indeed in this negative world, it is a challenge to keep on thinking about the bright side, to continue, to struggle to become a bigger, better person that the guy who cut you off the line or the one who bumped into you while you cross each other on the corridor and didn't even bother to apologize or mumble an insincere apology.

But you know what I've learned? That despite this world being this negative, there is still something positive to look at...

That look of love your son gives you when you hand him a piece of candy or if you allow him a couple more minutes on the computer...

That sense of accomplishment when your daughter has her first period and she runs to you and confirms what she saw on her undies and the realization that she is growing up and growing up to be such a beautiful young lady...

That secret smile you share with your life partner when you know that the two of you has brought two wonderful things in this world (our two great children) 

That sense of completeness when you know that you're done with your day and that you did the best you can today and was able to complete a task that is both tiring yet satisfying. 

There are a lot things to one may see in this world that may take you to the dark side, one where you can choose to get mad, upset or frustrated that will leave you with a day that's very tiring yet unsatisfying. 

The operative word being "choose" - so we can choose to look at the negative side of things and see the end of our day as sad, frustrating and tiring or we can choose to look at the positive side and realize that we have  somehow accomplished something, we may not have finished the task on hand but something was done and tomorrow is another day. 

So let's focus on the good, on what we have accomplished, on what we can still do and look to God for guidance and help and look to ourselves to do the work needed. 

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