Friday, December 21, 2012

Simbang Gabi Day 6 - The Visitation

The Gospel talks about Mary visiting Elizabeth and how the child inside her womb leaped for joy and what the implications of these events are.

Here we recall God's infinite goodness where He has chosen to bless two women with one of the greatest gifts a woman can ever receive, a child. The Visitation also forms part of the joyful mystery of the Holy Rosary, as I continue to learn, I am realizing that indeed Mary is the mother of Jesus and that even while He was still in her womb, her place was already etched in history so to speak.  She will be blessed, simply because she has become a vessel by which the Lord came and gave salvation to His people.

I am not certain how this affects my faith and my current concerns but one thing is very certain in my heart, with God nothing is impossible as long as I have the faith, real faith to see it through... It's like my worries are nothing when faced with these facts... a barren woman conceives.... a virgin has become pregnant...impossibilities in the eyes of men, but a DEFINITE POSSIBILITY with GOD. So what are my concerns to the infinite power of God who makes all things possible? Close to nothing! So I know that I should stand firm in my faith and believe that God has something great in store for me... that He knows the desires of my heart, my desire to help, my desire to give my family a good life and my desire to serve Him in my own capacity and the truth that I want to serve Him and not seek fame for myself, so I am looking for a good way to serve without giving issue to myself so that I can be assured that my service is for His Greatness and not mine.

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