Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Birthday MOM

December 28 marks my mom's nth birthday...

I do miss her so.. she's been in Canada for years now and although I know that she is content there, I know she is not happy... I know that she is lonely.. more so when my siblings neglect her.. I can't blame them totally though.. life there is very different from life here and children are very different as well... so I know that as she puts up a strong front, I know how lonely it can get... but well I think that the choice you have to make when you want good health benefits as you grow older, that's her choice, to stay there since she knows that should she get sick, she will be well taken care of, at least on the financial side of things...

That is one of my greatest frustrations I think... I want to be able to take care of my mom and serve her in her golden years but as fate would have it, we are oceans apart and well, I'm really not stable financially to be able to support her during these years.  But I am optimistic, that at the right time, I will be able to do it.. Take care of her as a child should... I just pray it's sooner rather than later

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