Thursday, December 20, 2012

Simbang Gabi 2012 - Day 5

Gospel: Luke 1:26-38

This morning's simbang gabi talks about "The Annunciation"

This was when Mary found out what God has in store for her and how she reacted to the news.

I did not grow up "religious", my parents were never regular church goers nor do we pray daily at home... the first time I was ever introduced to Jesus and God and all that was at school.  So from the get go, I can honestly say that my faith was wobbly at best.  But ever since I got married, I have learned to value the importance of praying and trying to draw close to God.

If I have to be totally honest... life for me is not hard but it wasn't easy either, I grew up where both my parents were working hard to make sure the family has enough food on the table and that we go into a good school.  I grew up "practical" and as such, I never really valued spending time in prayer much as I value it now.

My husbands family is the complete opposite of mine when it comes to being "religious", my sister in law is very active in the church and the family often prays before going to sleep.  The adjustment is indeed a challenge but it also exposed me to the value of real prayer and going to church every Sunday and whenever else you can.

Anyways,  this morning's gospel was about Mary's willingness to do the Lord's bidding and what it was to entail.. She didn't fully understand how God wanted to use her, she asked questions but I believe that even as she asked the question on how it is to happen granted that she was a virgin and had never had any relations with any man, that she had an unwavering faith and the belief that God will do as He says, that even as she posted the question, the angel just gave her an outright answer, an different reaction as to when Zachariah generally asked the same thing when the angel visited him.  Mary had complete faith while Zachariah posted in disbelief.

Nothing is impossible with God, but we do have to believe and follow Him. I think this is the greatest lesson this bible passage wants us to realize... That God is infinite and He can do anything including prosper us and allow us all the riches we can possibly imagine, but faith play a very important role as well as the willingness to follow.

My prayer...

Lord, thank You for your infinite goodness and for making me realize the value of prayer and the value of immersing myself in your word so that I may become molded into your infinite goodness.  I know that my faith wavers at times and I pray that you will do your work in me so that I can have infinite faith in You and Your grace that I may begin to accept the prosperity You have planned for me all along.  In Jesus name. Amen

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